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Experience counts when it comes to finding the best quality plant material available. Dan Fix and his trained crew go the extra mile to source out hard-to-find plants and materials specified by the architect's planting plans.

Because water is a precious resource that is in dwindling supply in the North Bay, Dan Fix Landscape Construction stays current with the latest advancements in irrigation technology. Years of experience have taught DFLC to design and install correctly-designed systems that are reliable, durable and low-maintenance.

One of the reasons architects recommend Dan Fix Landscape construction is that his work is consistently superb. Over the past thirty years, Dan Fix has trained his crews so that he can rely on experienced workers who understand the importance of a clean job site, safety, and awareness of the impact of the work on homeowners and neighbors.

Large and small lighting systems are designed and installed by Dan Fix Landscape Construction. This Lutron computer-controlled lighting system was designed by MSH Visual Planner and installed by DFLC on a large estate where different lighting configurations are required. The normal tranquil illumination of footpaths and statuary can be replaced with flattering illumination for outdoor parties. Special night lighting was designed for the pool area and for the paths to movie pavilion.

To keep their superb landscape installations looking top-notch, many homeowners choose Dan Fix Landscape Construction for maintenance. DFLC's trained and experienced maintenance crews are just a phone call away. Our Contact Page has the information you need to get started with Dan Fix Landscape Construction maintenance services.