Experience counts when it comes to finding the best quality plant material available. Dan Fix and his trained crew go the extra mile to source out hard-to-find plants and materials specified by the architect’s planting plans.

Installing large specimen trees is a specialty of Dan Fix Landscape Construction. Thirty years experience provides the knowledge that enables DFLC’s trained crews to plant large trees in the middle of their growth period and have them thrive. They use experienced crane operators with the skill to move the trees and large shrubs gently and quickly to minimize stress. Dan Fix Landscape Construction finds the hard-to-find plants as specified by the architect and handles everything from large specimen trees down to small 4″ pots and all sizes in between.

The wisteria draped from the hand-made arbor completes the feeling of an outdoor room. The brick planter holds just the right soil mix to support the showy shrubs and perennials which are illuminated at night by a spotlight hidden in the path-level flower border.

Working with client desires and architect plans, Dan Fix Landscape Construction makes the surroundings an integral and welcoming part of the home. The slide show below tells the story.