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Jackson St. Garden

This stately San Francisco mansion was in need of a garden that would compliment its weathered stone walls and plinths. Santa Barbara Landscape Architect, Sydney Baumgartner, used the existing architectural details as the inspiration for the design of this garden for a well known movie producer.

Sydney elaborated on the mansion's details by weaving walls and plinths into the design of the garden. Using stone quarried near Santa Barbara , craftsmen fashioned the rough chunks into the beautiful stone pieces shown in the photographs. Because of the great weight of the stone steps and walls, they required concrete foundations and walls for proper support. The steps came in six to ten-foot sections and special engineering was required to move and install them in the garden.

Huge mature trees and shrubs, specifically selected for the San Francisco climate, were craned into the garden to make this newly installed landscape look as though it had been there for years. An extensive electrical lighting system was installed to illuminate the new garden and the irrigation and drainage systems had to be completely redone.

Prior to this project, the garden contained a plain brick patio that did not accent the mansion's history or architecture. Much of the remaining garden space was under-utilized. Sydney's design expanded upon the existing patio and added accents that echoed the architectural details of the mansion. Lon Shapiro, landscape designer and garden-maker, worked closely with Sydney to supply the mature plants that gave the final touch to the landscape.