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 This house sits elegantly above San Francisco Bay with views to Mt. Tamalpais. We built the water feature with multiple falls to create sounds that would mitigate sounds from the freeway traffic which was quite far away but still noticable by the clients. This won the first place award for Custom Residential Landscape from the California Landscape Contractors Association in 2006.

Graceful entertaining is now the focus in this backyard in San Anselmo. Dan Fix Landscape Construction completed the architect's vision of complete outdoor cooking and dining curving concrete counters inlaid with tumbled glass squares.

Custom concrete work supports a stainless steel barbeque, new plumbing supplies a curved porcelain sink with brushed chrome faucets and electrical service keeps the refrigerators running.

This property has been in the family for generations. The new arbor was built in the same design as the old arbor which had been standing for 100 years. The new construction however, had to be heavily engineered for todays building standards. The site sits on a steep Belvedere Hillside and required engineered piers and grade beams and all sorts of structural components to ensure it would last another 100 years. 

Below you will find a series of before and after photos. 

This large scale renovation won first place in the 2004 California Landscape Contractors Association competition. San Francisco architect Jay Thayer called for the elimination of banana-leaf clutter from this Tiburon home to create a sleek and elegant entryway defined by illuminated concrete spheres.

Hot summer winds scour the hillsides in Lucas Valley in Marin. This contemporary home needed wind protection for a private patio used as a relaxing "outdoor room." Concrete slabs were poured in place and we planted soft, low-growing chamomile, feverfew and lemon thyme in the spaces. Walking barefoot on them releases their gentle fragrances.