A year-round creek runs through this Sonoma County retreat for a semi-conductor industrialist. The plans from San Anselmo landscape architect Jori Hook called for adding a swimming pool, in-ground spa, tennis courts and and a movie pavilion to the estate.

To carry services for telephone, electrical and TV cable to the new amenities, DFLC used a directional drilling system to bore under the creek and lay 3000 feet of large conduit. It was important to comply with fish and game standards and not to disturb the natural creek.

Our stone workers built the gently arching stone bridge over the creek, created stone paving and walls and natural rock formations around the pool.

The landscaping included lawns and paths and planting very large trees in box sizes ranging from 36″ to 90″ and installing a 48 valve automatic irrigation system. Illuminating the landscape with an extensive computer-controlled lighting system included moving the overhead wires underground and connecting the conduit to an underground vault.

The slide-show below shows the experienced crews of Dan Fix Landscape Construction at work on this complex project.